What does the St. Mary's School Board do?

The St. Mary's School Board is an advisory Board.  Unlike school boards in public school districts, St. Mary's School Board members are appointed by the Pastor, Rev. Ranjan Cletus.  Most of the Board members are Catholics and they serve a term of three years, unless requested to extend their tenure by the Pastor.  The officers of the Board include the President, Vice-President and Secretary, all of whom are appointed annually by the Pastor.

The functions and duties of the St. Mary's School Board are:

1.  To develop policies for the application of the regulations of the Diocesan Board of Education;
2.  To advise the educational activities of the School;
3.  To act as a liaison body with local public school officials in the area and in accordance with the request and directions of the Diocesan School authorities;
4.  To create better understanding and support of Catholic education;
5.  To be responsible for policies under which administrative officers shall operate the educational programs of the School;
6.  To review the evaluation studies made by the local administrators and to suggest ways of improving the effectivenenss of the educational program; and,
7.  To establish committees on a standing or ad hoc basis according to need.

The St. Mary's School Board does not hear complaints about teachers, staff, students, salaries, or grades, nor does it participate in the day to day administration of the School.  If you have any concerns about these or any other administrative matters, please contact the child's teacher or the Principal, Nisa Lagle, as may be appropriate.

All School Board meetings are open to members of the St. Mary's Parish, teachers of St. Mary's School educational programs, and to parents of children currently receiving their education at St. Mary's School.  The right of such non-members, visitors, etc., to address the School Board is limited to those whose petition has been approved for the agenda in advance of a School Board meeting.   Please contact  Robert C. Scott, School Board President, at rcscott@ISP.com if you have an item that you would like to have placed on the agenda.  Proposed agenda items must be submitted by Monday prior to the scheduled Thursday Board meeting.  An agenda will be posted prior to each Board meeting in the hallway outside the school office. 

The merciful providence of God calls every member of the Church to share in the work of Christian education.  All of the St. Mary's School Board members have received a calling to this ministry.  Each Board member is committed to Catholic education and to St. Mary's School.  Board members unselfishly donate their time, at the expense of the demands of their jobs and families, for the betterment of the school.  St. Mary's School Board members can usually be found walking their child into the School in the morning, picking their child up at School in the afternoon, attending School Mass or School events, or at School fundraisers.  Please do not hesitate to contact any Board member if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions that will improve our School, or if you would just like to introduce yourself. Let us know if you are available to help!

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